PO 3.5x21P - Wide Angle Optical Sight with Rangefinding Reticle

KPK-AT. Red Red Dot Sight for SVD Rail with Flashlight and Red Laser Pointer

POSP 8x42 DU. Sniper Rifle Scope with Dioptric Correction. 1000m SVD Reticle.

POSP 8x42 DU Optical Rifle Scopes are intended for conducting shotgun aimed fire, as well as for observation of the objects of nature.
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  •     Rifle scopes are equipped with distance measuring reticles which allow to perform a rough estimation of a distance to the object  
  •     Reticle illumination allows to execute aiming in the twilight  
  •     Due to water and corrosion resistance rifle scopes can be used in the rain and in the extreme conditions  
  •     Rifle scopes can be used in the temperature range from -40℃ to +50 ℃  and filled with dry   nitrogen to avoid weeping of optics due to temperature differences  
  •     A possibility to set the angles of rifle scopes depending on a distance to the target and lateral corrections (for a wind, target movement)  
  •     If necessary rifle scopes can be equipped with various kinds of aiming reticles.  
More Information
Exit pupil 4.7 mm
Diopter adjustment +3/-3
Lens Material Glass
Magnification, ratio 8x
Objective Aperture 42mm
Angular field of view, deg. 3
Mount type Universal - AK or SVD
Reticle SVD Style
Eye Relief 68mm
Shockproof Yes
Dustproof Yes
Waterproof Yes
Illumination Color Red
Power source CR123A
Operating temperature range -40℃ to +50℃
Overall dimensions, mm, max. 340x90x170
Weight 900g
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