PK-A. Red Red Dot Sight with Closed Windage Knobs for AK or SVD side rails.

POSP 8x42 DU. Sniper Rifle Scope with Dioptric Correction. 1000m SVD Reticle.

PO 3.5x21P - Wide Angle Optical Sight with Rangefinding Reticle

100 % of 100
  • Excellent field of view
  • Image clear and bright thanks to the high level of light transmission and enlightened optics.
  • The aiming mark allows executing aiming under different illumination conditions. 11 levels of brightness.
  • Sealing is maintained when operating in adverse weather conditions and even with short-term immersion in water to a 1 meter depth.
  • The Scope is hermetically tight and filled with dry nitrogen to avoid weeping of optics due to temperature differences.
  • Perfect for small and average distance shooting.
  • PO3.5x21P can be used in the temperature range from -50 to +50
  • It's light, shockproof, waterproof, and extremely rugged.
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BelOMO PO 3.5x21P Tactical Wide Angle Sniper Rifle Scope with AK-74 BDC and 1000m illuminated Rangefinding Reticle, Universal AK/Saiga/SKS/SVD Dragunov sight mount version. This scope is based on classical Russian military designs, which are extremely rugged and have the best optical quality. This scope is the real battlefield product with the highest quality for military, law enforcement and sporting use. This scope allows easy and precise aiming without the parallax inherent to mechanical sights. You can use distance scale using the special rangefinding reticle for 0.5m and 1.5m targets. The reticle has chevrons etched specifically for AK-74 ammo ballistic so all you need the elevation turret for is to zero the scope. Turrets have clear 0.1 mil clicks. Scope is waterproof and can be used in a variety of climate conditions. It is easily mountable to any weapon that have AK / Saiga or SKS / SVD style side rails. Lithium battery worldwide standard is used for the reticle illumination.
More Information
Magnification, ratio 3.5x
Angular field of view, deg. 12 °C
Objective Aperture 21mm
Eye Relief 48mm
Lens Material Glass
Windage +- 36 ang. minutes
Shockproof Yes
Waterproof Yes
Dustproof Yes
Mount type Universal - Fits AK and SVD mount types
Power source 3V (CR123)
Overall dimensions, mm, max. 195x94x166 mm
Weight 1.1kg / 2.42lba
Manufacturer BelOMO
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